Yes, Your Daily Stress Can Haunt Your Dreams

Have you ever had a really bad day at work and then topped it off with a restless nights sleep or had nightmares? A new study from the UK shows that there maybe some correlation between stressful events and your dreams. No surprise really! It can be very hard to switch off at night when you are worried, stressed or even unwell.  
As much as we always try to get kids into a bedtime routine, it's important for adults too. Quite often we work, clean, surf the net, on social media or watch TV right up until we go to bed. In order to benefit from a good nights sleep try carrying out a simple routine 30-60 mins before bedtime. Examples:
1. Switch off all electronic devices
2. Try some meditation, relaxation & breathing exercises
3. Read a book, the old fashioned way (no devices)
4. Listen to some calming music.
5. Avoid caffeine, alcohol or sugary drinks. Try a herbal tea or a hot chocolate
6. Lying in bed thinking about things you need to do tomorrow? Avoid opening your emails or phone. Write a list.
7. Your bedroom should be between 18.3 & 22.2 deg C as the body associates a lowering temperature with sleeping
8. Don't lie awake for hours getting frustrated sleep won't come. Get up & repeat your bedtime routine - maybe you just weren't ready to sleep yet.

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