Stress Can Be Contagious

I have always thought it because I have personally experienced it but now it is proven; stress can be passed from one person to another! Have you ever gone to work on a Monday morning (or any morning) to find your Boss or colleague in a bad mood and then as the day progresses you find the mood and atmosphere in the office reflecting the same mood? Yes, right? Even with our spouses or partners, friends or family, we tend to take on other peoples’ moods (stress). This can be a hard one to circumnavigate but the best action we can take is to try to stay aware of both our own feelings, emotions and stressors and of those around us. During these times and if possible, we need to take some moments out to re-adjust ourselves: take a five minute walk around the block and do some breathing exercises, take a trip to a different area/department in the office or maybe grab a herbal tea.

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