Did You Know: Stress Is Like The Common Cold?

Stress can spread person-to-person! Not so hard to believe when you think about it – how often have you felt yourself get tense for no apparent reason when you are listening or witnessing a tense situation or argument?

In recent studies headed up by Dr Veronika Engert of the Max Planck Institute of Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Germany, showed that a physiological stress response is not just experienced by those that are directly affected by the stressor, it can be contagious. It goes on to say that while we are most affected by the stress of our loved ones, we can also catch the stress response of a total stranger or someone we are watching.

Passing stress on in the work place is a common one but how do we inoculate ourselves from this? Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from the present environment to actually see it for what it is. If at all possible you need to step away from the stressed area or situation; take in some fresh air; a deep breath; try some breathing exercises; take a walk around the block or even another floor of the department. Try a mindfulness exercise. Maybe grab a cup of herbal tea, squeeze a stress ball or have someone tell you a joke.   


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