Overcoming Stress: 8 Things Professionals Should Know

It's Monday and the start of another week for some. How do you feel? It's been a great weekend and you are raring to go all fresh and revitalised? Maybe your weekend was fine but you know you have to deal with a problem left over from last week. It’s been weighing on your mind and you are dragging your feet to work because you know you have to deal with it? Everyone will have a different approach to Mondays or to work in general. As with everything in life, try to approach it with a positive outlook, seek advise or support when needed and deal with the good and the bad as they arise rather than dealing with all the good and leaving the rest to build up.

Stress is something that everyone has in some shape or form and some of us will cope better with it than others but that’s okay, we are all different. We can all do something about stress – it’s a choice. When we have situations that cause our stress levels to rise we have 3 basic strategies we can use: A.A.A. We can either “Alter” or change the situation; figure out how to “Avoid” the situation or simply “Accept” the situation and alter your response to it. Make the right one and deal with your stressors or seek someone who can help you with it. The attached article from Forbes provides some stress management strategies from some of the members of the Forbes Coaches Council which anyone could take on board.