Tips For Dealing With Stress at Work

When we have situations that cause our stress levels to rise, there are 3 basic stress management strategies which I always find very useful known as the Triple A’s – AAA:               




Alter: We can always alter or change a situation and this can sometimes be the most promising strategy. We are all guilty I am sure, at making excuses for different things but we do have the ability and there is always a way to alter a situation if you really want to. Driving to work in the morning takes an hour and is stressful. Maybe find another mode of transport; ask a colleague to join you in the commute; play some great music or listen to a book whilst you are travelling.

Avoid: Some things are just best avoided where possible rather than stressing. An example might be that you constantly get stressed as you are always late for appointments – write the appointment in the diary for 15 minutes earlier and stick to it. Better to be slightly early and less stressed!

Accept: Some times you just have to realise that some things in life are just unavoidable and accept the situation with good grace. An example might be paying taxes! Another might be going to the dentist. Give yourself some positive self-talk like “I won’t have to go again for 6 months” or “it will be all over within the hour”. Play some relaxing music.

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