Marcus, Owner, Feel Good Events

A big thank you to Tania for coming out to our workplace and doing a workshop on stress management. There was lots of positive feedback from staff and some great tools to use in stressful situations.

The best thing was it really created some positive conversations in the office and made our staff aware of what stress can do if not managed properly.

Thanks again for providing some really useful tools in dealing with stress in the workplace.

 Kerrie, General Marketing Manager, Marshall White

Thank you so much for conducting the half day stress management course with the marketing team here at Marshall White.

We all found the session really beneficial in terms of identifying stress triggers and developing coping strategies to combat these. The course has also helped us set out a really clear strategy in terms if improving our resourcing and communication as a team to alleviate stress derived from work loads or team dynamics and we seem a more happier , balanced and cohesive team from all of these changes.

 Margaret,  National Manager Workplace Operations/Business Development ,Members Equity Bank,

“Tania is very passionate about the subject and her extensive knowledge and personal experience was core to getting the message across to my team. Tania was able to engage the team, identify and help them understand and manage the risk factors of stress both work related and person. Tania is very personal in her approach and is able to provide a well structured approach to stress management. Tania arranged our workshop to meet the demands of my team, willing to make minor adjustments to meet our specific needs.

I would definitely recommend Tania’s workshops to any organisation looking to provide their staff with a thorough understanding of stress management and the tools and knowledge to manage them effectively.”


Andrea, Director of Sales and Marketing, Twin Water Resort, Sunshine Coast, 

“Tania has been running Stress Management activities in conjunction with Novotel Resorts for the past 9 years. She has always been most professional in her approach and we have received excellent feedback from our clients. Tania is extremely easy to work with and has always provided guests with a professional and enjoyable experience.

She has developed original programs for us to meet the specific requirements of the clients…”

 Vivienne, HR Manager, Financial Services Sector, EquipSuper Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 

“Tania is a competent presenter who has developed an extensive set of tools, tips and methods to assist people to reduce their stress levels in day-to-day life and when major life events occur. Tania takes an evidence based approach in her preparation or program material and then effectively combines the facts with pragmatic methods that participants can apply in their lives. Participants have enjoyed the program finding it fun, useful and informative.”

Rebecca, National Relationship Manager, T Health Fund, 

“It was great to see you recently at the TWAL forum. I really enjoyed learning the stress management techniques you showed us…”



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